President,Cyber University

KAWAHARA Hiroshi,Sc.D.

For people who want to hone
their skills and make their mark in society,
this is the place to learn.

KAWAHARA Hiroshi,Sc.D.

Cyber University was founded in April 2007 as Japan’s first full online university. Students can receive higher education in cyber space on the Internet without the inconvenience of commuting. The university, authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, is operated by Cyber University Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SoftBank Corporation.

Since our curriculums are off ered completely on demand, students can take classes anytime they want. All class contents and the learning management system are cloud-based and accessible from various data communication devices, such as personal computers and mobile phones. Students can also synchronize their attendance records as needed. As long as they have Internet access, students can study anytime, anywhere.

Another feature of Cyber University is its open admission system. We do not conduct entrance examinations to select our students. We will admit anyone with basic qualifications, such as a high school diploma or equivalent standard; all you need is an environment to study online and motivation to learn. Cyber University does not evaluate your academic ability at the time of application; our stress is the effort you make and what you achieve while in school.

But the most important thing is your motivation. In the 21st century, society and industry are changing at a furious pace, driven by the innovation of information technologies. Skills and experiences obtained at school or work often prove insuffi cient to open new opportunities for the future. In that case, how do we equip ourselves to clear obstacles and succeed in today’s evolving world? Among the most eff ective ways are to re-educate yourself and to update your knowledge.

Cyber University supports people busy at work and other daily activities to obtain specialized knowledge systematically, improve their communication skills not only in Japanese but also in other languages, and cultivate their ability to cope with a rapidly changing society. For new high school graduates looking for a step up to go successfully out into the world, we offer various curriculums to help them develop value-added skills as well as long-term internship programs not bound by a conventional university framework. All curriculums are provided through the university network that connects teachers and classmates.

Cyber University is open to all people, in all parts of the world, who wish to improve their skills and play active roles in today’s ever-changing society.

President, Cyber University KAWAHARA Hiroshi, Sc. D.

Having worked for Schlumberger Wireline Division over 8 years as borehole seismic specialist, Hiroshi spent more than 15 years as software engineer with senior management capacities at Nippon Steel Solutions, IBM Japan, and SoftBank.

At SoftBank he served as CTO at various joint venture companies funded by SoftBank and its overseas partners. In 2007 he joined the Faculty of IT and Business, Cyber University where he opened new courses in media technologies and IT business analysis.

He has been serving as President of Cyber University since 2012.

As Chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Japan, he leads entrepreneurship activities in both domestic and overseas.

Hiroshi received his Sc.D. at the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Department of Oceanographic Engineering at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 1984.

Develop advanced IT experts

Information technologies have advanced at an accelerated pace in recent years, while business models continue to change in keeping with rapid technological evolution. In the frontline of the IT business exposed to such rapid changes, persons combining technical expertise and related business skills who can comprehensively understand emerging events and can flexibly deal with new situations are in high demand.

Cyber University’s Faculty of IT and Business nurtures “IT specialists who understand business” and “business people with IT savvy” who can play prominent roles in society.